Willetton Library.png
Willetton Library came into being as a result of community request and strong support by then Councillor Eleri Griffin. Eleri (after whom Wileri Road and Eloure Place are named) opened the building in 1985. The building was designed by Oldham Boas Ednie-Brown and is of the style “Late Twentieth-Century Perth Regional 1960 –“. Other examples of the building style include the Rottnest Island Chapel and Music Building UWA. The building has undergone a few changes over the 35 years. A road reversal in the 1990’s redirected traffic flow within the car park. The community room was used as a separate public hall until 1998 when it was included as community space within the library and finally there was the addition of an extension to the building in 2002 to enlarge the building’s workroom spaces.