What is engagement?

A dynamic relational process that facilitates communication, interaction, involvement, and exchange between an organisation and a community for a range of social and organisational outcomes.

Think of engagement as playing a sport, rather than watching it on TV.

Why do we plan to engage?

The process supports well-informed, appropriate and meaningful decisions that reflect what our stakeholders and community value. When we engage we add value and improve the success and community perception of our projects.

Is it a process I follow or an outcome to achieve?

Engagement is both!

In order to achieve the best outcome and information from an engagement you need to be committed to planning and following best practice process.

Who can help me?

Community Engagement Lead - Jemma Moon

Available Monday, Tuesday and every second Friday.

jemma.moon@canning.wa.gov.au ext 236

The Canning Ally Network (CAN)

A group of staff passionate about engagement. Everyone in this group has varying levels of experience and are willing to support others across the organisation. Check out who the champions are to connect with D19/64466

What is 'Your Say'? I thought it was our engagement

Your Say is one method of engaging. It is a brilliant tool to reach a broad range of people online when you want to run surveys.

There are a range of other methods you can use alongside Your Say and these can be found in Community Engagement Planning Guide D19/51129