What is the Queens Park Open Space masterplan?

    The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries is working with the City of Canning to prepare a masterplan that will guide the future of the Queens Park Open Space. 

    The masterplan will guide improvements to community facilities, access to playing fields and an enhanced parkland whilst improving the natural environment; at the same time as bringing State and national level football (soccer) facilities to Queens Park with the State Football Centre.

    What is the Queens Park Open Space?

    The Queens Park Open Space includes the area bounded by Whitlock Road, Gibbs Street, Wharf Street and Welshpool Road and currently has:

    • Existing playing fields;
    • Maniana Park;
    • Bushland;
    • Public open space; and
    • The proposed site for the new State Football Centre.

    Download the map to find out more.

    Why are we consulting the community about the Queens Park Open Space?

    We are inviting the community to share ideas and suggestions that will improve the Queens Park Open Space area, including Maniana Park.

    We want to understand how you – the community - use the site and what opportunities you think we should implement on the site to provide the best open space possible.

    To the north of the area, the State Government is working with stakeholders to develop the State Football (Soccer) Centre, which is not part of this consultation process. 

    What is the State Football Centre?

    In May 2020 the State Government committed to the development of the State Football Centre at Queens Park Open Space. The Commonwealth Government has also committed $16.25 million to the development of the Centre.

    The State Football Centre will house Football West and include training facilities and playing fields to support high performance through to grassroots community football programs. A proportion of the facility will be available for public use throughout the year and provide additional recreation space for the community. 

    A-League and international football matches will continue to be held at HBF Park or Perth (Optus) Stadium. 

    The State Football Centre is not part of this consultation.

    What area is included in this study?

    A map of the area shows the areas included in this consultation:

    • Area 1 - Community Recreation Area (yellow): This area surrounding the existing playing fields on Maniana Park is the main area where your feedback can influence the outcomes. This area could be improved with infrastructure such as seating, shade and places to meet with friends, providing greater activation to the open space and within Queens Park generally.
    • Area 2 - Drainage (blue) and Area 3 – Enhanced Environment (green): We would also like to hear from you about ideas for the bushland areas. These two locations can also be greatly improved, with the intent that they remain mostly natural bushland.

    How will this project benefit Queens Park?

    The masterplan will guide the future development of Queens Park Open Space and provide an opportunity for significant improvement to the area around Maniana Park. The masterplan aims to deliver a substantial increase in tree planting, improved water management and opportunities to enhance the environment and protect the reserve - now and for future generations.

    Developed in conjunction with the State Football Centre, and additional playing fields, the Queens Park Open Space can be enhanced to provide meeting, playing and recreation space for the community, with the potential to provide better walking and cycling infrastructure through the area to improve local connections.

    Will access to the Queens Park Open Space be restricted?

    The proposed development will improve access to the area. It will open up areas for different forms of recreation - providing spaces for family gatherings, dog walking and the possibility of playgrounds. Increased activity, with more people enjoying the natural environment and open spaces, will also improve safety and walkability in the area, to the train station and beyond.

    There will be some restricted areas within the State Football Centre, such as offices and main playing fields when in use, however, the majority of the broader site will be open to the public.

    How will the masterplan be developed?

    In this first phase of consultation we will be asking you to tell us what you value about the open space, how you use the area and what opportunities you think could improve the general experience. After this we will develop some masterplan options before coming back to you again to seek further feedback. After this stage we will prepare a summary document of everything that has been said and a draft masterplan, which will be presented to the City for confirmation.

    How will the development of the site State Football Centre be managed?

    The State Government, the City of Canning and Football West are working together to develop a management plan for the whole site. This plan will cover all the challenges of the site including environmental, drainage, threatened ecology communities, traffic, parking and event management. However, overall the Queens Park Open Space masterplan will provide an opportunity for the park to benefit from rehabilitation of the land and improved facilities.

    How is the City involved?

    The City of Canning is partnering with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to develop the masterplan by:

    • Connecting with the community to get input into the consultation;
    • Considering plans for the State Football Centre later in the year; and
    • Sharing information about how the community use the area.

    How can I find out more information about the Queens Park Open Space masterplan?

    If you want further information on what is proposed in this project visit the City of Canning website – Your Say Canning yoursaycanning.com.au/queens-park-open-space

    If you are unable to access the website, please contact the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries on (08) 9492 9700.

    How can I have a say?

    There will opportunities throughout the masterplan process for the community to provide feedback. Your ideas and information about the open space area can be provided by visiting the City of Canning’s website – Your Say Canning: yoursaycanning.com.au/queens-park-open-space

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