What is the City of Canning Play Provision Strategy?

The Play Provision Strategy will guide the future of public playgrounds and will contain the benefits they provide to the changing and growing community within the City of Canning.  

Why is the City preparing a Play Provision Strategy?

The City wants to ensure that its playgrounds are safe, accessible, exciting and fun and supported by complementary features and landscapes. The strategy will guide the City in providing and meeting the community's needs. 

What is the City's current strategy towards play provision?

The City endeavours to provide a small local playground within 400m of each resident in residential areas. These playgrounds are provided in a safe and accessible condition to the community. Playgrounds are provided for children 0-10 years of age.

Why is the City asking the community for feedback?

The City is asking the community for feedback so that the strategy will deliver upon and meet the needs of the community.

What type of information is the City seeking from the community?

The City wants to know how satisfied the community is with their current playgrounds, accessibility requirements and what they would like to see in a playground (equipment, layout etc.).