How long is the survey open for?

    The survey goes live to the public on Monday 19 March 2018 and closes at midnight on Friday 6 April 2018.

    Who can complete the survey?

    1.) Residents who live in the City of Canning who are over 18 years of age and are either sole or joint decision makers of the household. 
    2.) Business owners or managers of businesses located within the City of Canning.

    Who is excluded from completing the survey?

    Anyone contrary to those listed immediately above and any person who is an employee or elected member of the City of Canning and their immediate family members.

    Who is doing this survey?

    The City of Canning has appointed independent consultants, Marketintel to conduct this survey.

    What is the purpose of this survey?

    This survey is an exercise to see the current level of community needs, wants and expectations in regards to services that a local government should offer the community.

    Why has this survey been done as a hypothetical ‘simulation’?

    To encourage the person completing the survey to feel fewer limitations on the possible options for services.

    Why is the survey so repetitive?

    The survey is designed to force the user to consider other alternatives, to push the boundaries of what they believe their ideal services and levels of services are. By repeating the questions and continuously showing various options the intent is that the user will consider things they possibly would not have considered and start to make hard choices. They survey model is an adaptive trade-off analysis, which is a robust and complex model that is designed to provide the City with a reliable understanding of choice behaviour.

    Why is the survey so long? Can it not be shorter?

    The survey is long because the software determines the number of options that need to be given to ensure that the survey can learn from your responses. As you progress through, the survey adapts to your responses and starts to offer options that are unique to the answers you are providing. Each survey is different and the length may vary for each user based on the answers that they provide.

    Is the survey designed to trick me and change my answers?

    No, the survey is not designed to trick anyone. It is designed to be an adaptive trade-off analysis survey. The software is intuitive to the responses given and builds on the answers offering alternative options for consideration. The software is forcing the user to made trades between costs, services and service levels. The software isn’t forcing the user into a pre-determined answer, but constantly learning and evolving from the answers given to provide each user with a well-rounded City based on their trade-off choices.

    Why am I restricted with responses, why can’t I include or exclude options?

    The objective of the survey was to receive very specific responses and not generic feedback on services. The survey doesn’t allow the user to make changes as the software determines the length of the survey based on the number of attributes that exists. Amendments by users would have caused the length of the survey to potentially be far too long.

    How have the services and options been determined?

    The survey is a continuation from the 2017-2027 Strategic Community Plan. This survey builds on an extensive consultation process where members of the community provided feedback, opinions and direction to the City. This feedback was received through channels such as; community workshops, focus groups and surveys. The survey represents services that are aligned with the aspirations and objectives that are found in the Strategic Community Plan and provides service level options that are possible within this scope.     

    Are the services and options in the survey realistic to the City of Canning?

    Yes, everything has been based off the City’s current services. Alternative service levels represent options that are based on internal service reviews and possible future aspirations. 

    How have the costs of the service levels been determined?

    The costs are indicative and have been determined through the use of budgets, estimates and assumptions. The costs represent realistic examples of how much each service would cost compared to other services.

    Will the outcomes from this survey impact my individual rate statement?

    No, this survey alone will not affect any changes to rates or service levels. 

    What are the prizes?

    There is a prize pool of $3,000 worth of electronics. Please see the Terms & Conditions.

    How can I win a prize?

    By completing the survey in its entirety and providing your full contact details at the end of the survey. Your eligibility to complete the survey may be checked by the City of Canning.

    How are the prize winners chosen?

    Marketintel will conduct a random draw through the use of a random number generator (each survey response has a unique identification number) on the finalisation of the survey (after Friday 6 April 2018). 

    How will I know if I have won a prize?

    The City of Canning will contact you using the details that you provide at the end of the survey (name, email, telephone numbers). 

    How will my personal information be used?

    Your personal information (name and contact details) will only be used should you be a winner of a prize. Winner’s names may be published online and in local newspapers (i.e. John from Queens Park).

    Will the survey time-out?

    No, there is no time limit to complete.

    Will the survey auto-save my incomplete survey?

    The survey may save your progress if you have cookies enabled in your internet browser, however to ensure that you do not lose your progress we encourage people to complete the survey in one sitting.

    How long will the survey take to complete?

    The survey will likely take 20-30 minutes to complete.

    Will there be a report published on the survey results?

    Yes, the data will be analysed and compiled into a report by Marketintel. This full report will be published (April/May 2018), unaltered by the City of Canning.
    The City of Canning will also analyse the report and publish a critical analysis indicating the priorities that have been identified and possible outcomes.

    What decisions will be made from this survey?

    This survey will indicate the communities desired levels for services. Decisions will not be solely made from the answers but the survey results will be used as an input into decision making and will inform further service reviews.

    Can I get help completing the survey is English is not my first language?

    The City can provide limited interpreting services through a third party to help people complete the survey. Please contact us for more information and to request assistance.

    Can I access computers to complete the surveys?

    Yes, please visit any of our libraries to complete the survey. Please visit on the free computers that are provided at each library. 

    Is there are a hard copy (printed) version of the survey available?

    No, due to the adaptive nature of the survey, it is only available online.

    Can I contact anyone further about this survey?

    You can address queries to the Project Manager, Leah Horton (Monday to Wednesday) or Michael Swanepoel (Thursday to Friday) on or telephone 1300 422 664.