When will construction occur?

    Construction is for consideration as part of the upcoming 2019-2020 Annual City Budget.

    How much will this cost?

    3 Concept plans will be developed by the design consultant. The estimated construction cost for each will be explored following the choice of preferred plan.

    I can't attend an event in person, how else can I submit my feedback?

    Please email your feedback direct to leisureplex@canning.wa.gov.au

    Will there be a cost to use the new courtyard?

    No. The new courtyard and play ground will not have an entrance charge and will be available for all community members to use.

    Will there be a play ground?

    Yes. The nature play ground will include the use of sand, rocks and logs to be imaginative, creative and allow for children to explore and develop motor and coordination skills.

    Will there be seated areas to enjoy a coffee?

    Yes. Relaxed seating options will be included in the design for all to enjoy.

    Will there be shaded areas?

    Yes. Shaded areas are being provided as part of the design options.