What is happening?

    City of Canning residents are being asked to share their views to help form a new and improved multi-generational play space at Shelley Beach Park.

    Locals are invited to attend a ‘Ready Shelley Go!’ meet and greet session at Shelley Beach Park on Saturday 3 December from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, where they will have the opportunity to shape the new play space and enjoy a free coffee, ice cream, and activities for the kids.

    In a first for the City of Canning, the playground will feature three exciting new play areas, each catering to a specific age group: 0-5 years, 6-12 years, and 12+ years.

    Residents of all ages will have the opportunity to select what activities and play values they wish to see in the proposed play spaces.

    How can I get involved?

    Ready Shelley Go! - Meet & Greet Session

    Have your say on the play values you’d like to see reflected in the playground’s design via the online survey below or join us from 10.30 am – 12.30 pm at Shelley Beach Park playground on 3 December at our ‘Ready Shelley Go!' engagement session. We look forward to seeing you!

    There will be activities for kids, an ice cream and coffee van, and we’ll be there to explore your priorities for Stage One of the project. If you can’t make it, please share your thoughts with us by filling out the below survey by 15 January 2023.

    What are the next steps?

    Following the activity session and the closure of the survey, the project team will collate feedback and use it to assist in the refinement of a detailed design for Stage One’s work.  We will share the local aspirations, priorities, and vision for the park with the community once the design has been finalised.

    What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is a landscape plan that sets out how an area will be developed in the future. It shows the locations of the key elements.

    What has happened to date?

    • In 2017 the City engaged an external provider to survey residents in Shelley and Rossmoyne.
    • The need for further consultation was identified so coffee and chat sessions, an online forum and interactive place making workshops were conducted in mid-2018.
    • The City analysed the data in conjunction with the existing feedback and this was made available to the public in December 2018.
    • A brief for the Master Plan was developed in early 2019 and a Consultant Landscape Architect was appointed.
    • The Master Plans have been developed (directly informed by the data collected) with three options available for comment by the community during January 2020.
    • At its Ordinary Council Meeting of 16th March 2021, Council chose to adopt Shelley Beach Park Masterplan – Option 2 as the basis for the future development of the park.

    What is the difference between a Master Plan and a Management Plan?

    A Landscape Master Plan identifies the key elements for the future development of an area and sets out where they will be located.

    A Management Plan identifies the key functions of an area and provides guidance for land managers to make sure management practices are appropriate and consistent over time.

    What about the rest of the Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore?

    The ongoing management of the wider Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore is guided by the Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore Management Plan, which was endorsed by Council in September 2019. This plan will guide the future use and management of the foreshore over the next 10 years, ensuring the long term preservation of the site’s ecological, cultural and social values.

    How will I be notified of the outcome?

    Once the feedback is collated it will be presented to Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 17 March. The outcome of this meeting will be made available on the City’s website, social media channels, Your Say page and through local newspapers. Those who have provided their feedback and contact details through the online engagement forum Your Say over the course of the project, will be advised of the outcome by email. 

    Will I have the opportunity for further input into the design process?

    Should Council determine to proceed with detail design development of Shelley Beach Park, there will be some limited opportunity for the community to be involved.  This most likely will be restricted to providing input into the design of a play area. All other aspects will be designed by an experienced team of external consultants and in-house City staff.