What role does local government play in Community Safety?

    We all have a part to play in keeping our community safe. Whilst primary responsibility for law enforcement and crime prevention rests with State Government agencies such as WA Police, local government is well-placed to lead and support localised community safety strategies.

    How can you contribute to Community Safety?

    The community can bring about positive change and solutions to local community safety issues at a grassroots level, by initiating small changes such as, creating networks with local neighbours, actively contributing to the wider community and sharing information and reports with relevant agencies.

    • Get to know your neighbours - your neighbours are your biggest security asset. They can keep an eye on your property and can report suspicious behaviour. 
    • Get reporting - if you witness a crime or see something suspicious, take the time to report it. 
    • Get informed - the City has a number of resources to help you improve safety and security within the home, business and community.
    • Get busy - the look and feel of an area can impact our perceptions of safety. Report public maintenance issues such as graffiti and faulty lighting. Keep your own property well maintained.
    • Get involved - by completing our 2021 Community Safety Survey

    What are the three (3) core focus areas and how do they contribute to Community Safety?

    As part of the Strategy, the various elements of community safety have been captured within three (3) core focus areas, namely PeoplePlace and Partnerships. These areas are explained in more detail below:


    • Build a community where crime is reduced and people feel safe and included. 

    • Provide education and awareness that empowers our residents to actively contribute to the community.


    • Create safe places and spaces that enhance perceptions of safety.

    • Improve community confidence and use of public areas and reduce opportunistic crime.


    • Foster and maintain partnerships both formal and informal.

    • Work together to deliver community safety outcomes.

    I have a specific issue or concern relating to anti-social or criminal activity. What should I do?

    For emergency or life threatening situations, contact 000

    For Police assistance or attendance in no-urgent situations, contact 131 444.

    To report suspicious or criminal behaviour anonymously, contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit an online report at crimestopperswa.com.au.

    Whilst City officers do not have the power to intervene criminal activity, the City's Ranger and Community Safety Service (RCSS) conduct patrols of the area 24/7 to provide peace of mind to the community. You can contact the RCSS team on 1300 422 664 to arrange additional patrols of a particular area, to deter anti-social behaviour and provide an added layer of surveillance.