What is an Innovate RAP?

    An Innovate RAP outlines actions that work towards achieving the organisation’s unique vision for reconciliation. Commitments within this RAP allow the organisation to be aspirational and innovative in order to help the organisation to gain a deeper understanding of its sphere of influence, and establish the best approach to advance reconciliation.

     An Innovate RAP focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, engaging staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, developing and piloting innovative strategies to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    What is a Reconciliation Action Plan?

    A RAP is a strategic document that supports an organisation’s business plan. It includes practical actions that will drive an organisation’s contribution to reconciliation both internally and in the communities in which it operates.
    The RAP Program contributes to advancing the five dimensions of reconciliation by supporting organisations to develop respectful relationships and create meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
    Each of the four RAP types (Reflect, Innovate, Stretch, Elevate) set out the minimum elements required from your organisation to build strong relationships, respect and opportunities within your organisation and community.

    What are the objectives Canning Reconciliation Action Group (CRAG) ?

    The objectives of the Canning Reconciliation Action Group are to:

    • Guide, inform and drive ideas to develop the City’s new RAP
    • Build a foundation for Reconciliation actions in the City
    • Raise awareness and support for the RAP and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interests in the City
    • Review and provide feedback to the RAP process including the development, implementation and evaluation

    Each member of the CRAG brings a capacity to add value to the RAP discussions, and to represent the broader views of the Canning community, particularly those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

    What was achieved in the first Reflect RAP?

    The City’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was completed in 2019. Over the development and implementation of this Reflect RAP staff across the City have been working to progress a range of actions that have contributed to positive outcomes across the three RAP themes: relationships, respect and opportunity.

    Some of these achievements include:

    • The development of strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations including Sister Kids Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation and Langford Aboriginal Association
    • The continual success and growth of annual NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week events
    • The integration of Noongar language and cultural experiences across a range of community programming i.e. Rhymes by the River, Noongar language classes
    • Noongar naming across City building’s meeting rooms and the installation of door wraps featuring artworks commissioned from Sister Kids Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation
    • Installation of acknowledgement plaques on the exterior of City buildings