What is the City of Canning Play Provision Strategy?

    The Play Provision Strategy will guide the future of public playgrounds so they will provide the many benefits children get from fun and stimulating playgrounds, while also providing benefits to  carers and the general community. 

    Why is the City preparing a Play Provision Strategy?

    The City wants to ensure that its playgrounds are appropriate, accessible, exciting and fun and supported by complementary features and landscapes. The strategy will guide the City in providing and meeting the community's needs in relation to play provision.

    Currently many of the City's playgrounds are considered old and there is a need to upgrade the City's playgrounds with new equipment that represent current trends and the needs of the community.  

    What is the City's current strategy towards play provision?

    The City endeavours to provide a small local playground within 400m of each resident in residential areas. These playgrounds are provided as to be within a 400m proximity of residents where possible. Playgrounds are provided for children <11 years of age.

    Why is the City asking the community for feedback?

    It is important that the strategy reflects the needs and expectations of its community, that is why the City engaged with the community while it was developing the strategy to ensure the views of the community were incorporated. The public have an opportunity to view the strategy to provide any further feedback.

    What type of information is the City seeking from the community?

    The City has prepared the Draft Play Provision Strategy based on a review of the current literature of play provision trends, asset management, City policies and strategies and  importantly input from the community.

    The community has this opportunity to view the strategy and provide further comments that can enhance the strategy on any aspect of play provsion.