Do I need to live in the City of Canning?

    Yes, you must live in the City of Canning to be on the panel.

    What’s a deliberative panel?

    A deliberative panel is an innovative method of community consultation. We will bring together a group of 20-30 people specifically selected to collectively match the demographics of the community we live in.

    What will the panel do?

    Panel members will be invited to attend a one-day consultation session and provided with detailed information about the City’s current Learning City Strategy (2017 – 2019).

    Over the course of the day, participants will take part in a series of activities designed to help determine what actions will be part of the new Strategy for 2020-2023. By the end of the day, participants will come to an agreement about what is most important to our community.

    And yes, lunch and refreshments will be provided!

    How is the panel selected?

    The nomination process will ask for information relating to demographic categories you fall into. We need to bring together a group that represents our community, this means participants will be selected based upon their demographic information and will represent a range of ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. This is to ensure we bring together a group of people who most closely represent our community.

    Using the data collected we will be allocating people in to the different demographic categories and then randomly selecting the correct number of peiople to repres the canning population. 

    We understand that we are asking for personal information and this information will be treated respectfully and securely, only for the purposes of the selection of a deliberative panel.

    Will everyone who nominates be a part of the panel?

    No, not everyone who expresses interest will be selected to participate. As we need to ensure our panel matches the demographics of our community, we may have more people for some categories than we need.

    How will you use my data?

    Personal information collected will only be used for the process of selecting the panellist and will not be used for any other purposes.