What is the deadline for Expressions of Interest?

    Two EoI’s will be invited every year – covering the first and second half of the year. 

    We do appreciate that it’s difficult to plan that far ahead, and will accept some ad hoc bookings throughout the year, however these will not be included in our published calendar of events or marketing plan (but will be included on the website).

    Please submit your EoI for inclusion in the 2nd Semester Community Sustainability Learning Program by CoB Friday 19 April 2019.

    * Please note – Expressions of Interest for the 2019 Community Sustainability Learning Program are only available for dates / times as follows: 

    Weekday evenings (4.30pm – 10.00pm) 
    Weekends (8.30am – 8.30pm)   
    School Holidays - weekdays (8.30am – 10.00pm) 
    School Holidays – weekends (8.30am – 8.30pm) 

    ** For 2019 School Holiday Dates please refer to: https://www.education.wa.edu.au/future-term-dates

    How do I get paid for delivering my event / course?

    The City of Canning invites Expressions of Interest for the 2019 Community Sustainability Learning Program and offers two alternative payment models.

    For FREE community events the City may offer a capped presenter fee depending on duration / content / materials / relevance to the City’s sustainability learning objectives and professionalism. Our maximum facilitated workshop payment per hour is $150, with additional cost recovery for materials considered. Workshops over 3 hours in duration may receive a lower hourly rate to keep within the City's budgetary requirements.

    It is our preference that participants, in particular for adult courses, are charged a fee, even if the fee is nominal. Our experience running events at the City is that free events attract a higher percentage of 'no shows' than ticketed events, which disadvantages those on waiting lists.

    For 'for-profit' ticketed events that have a cost to participants, the City does not pay a presenter fee and asks a venue hire (at community rates) to cover costs. Presenters can elect to manage their own ticketing independent of the City and provide a ticketing link to their event to the Program Coordinator, or the City can manage the ticketing via Ticketbooth (preferred) and presenters can invoice the City on the basis of attendance after the event.

    Not-for-profit community groups running an ongoing, open group in the space are not eligible for payment by the City, but may be eligible for fully subsidised venue hire.

    How do I make sure I'm part of the Community Sustainability Learning Program?

    Please be advised that all relevant marketing material must be received by the Sustainability Team by the due date via the EoI form in this invitation.

    We appreciate that some presenters have created full brochures of their offerings, however the City requires information in this format for ease of administration and marketing.

    Please do not simply send through your course brochure or you will not be included in the program.

    Are there any times or dates that I can't run an event or course?

    In school hours during the school term the centre is generally booked to deliver the Nearer to Nature Education Program in conjunction with the DBCA.

    However, if you would like to book a sustainability related event, course or group during the school term, please contact us, as we do occasionally have spaces available at CREEC between school bookings or we may be able to find you another great venue in one of our learning hubs for your booking, and still include you in our sustainability program and support with marketing.

    How does the City of Canning support the Community Sustainability Learning Program?

    The City of Canning will include all events / courses in the online events calendar, Sustainability Hub Newsletter and marketing materials. We will also support with marketing via our relevant communications and social media channels. Our events and courses are often oversubscribed and are well promoted.

    The City will not generate any printed marketing collateral for individual events – however presenters are free to do so if they wish.

    Do I need insurance?

    All presenters must have their own public liability insurance and provide a copy of their certificate of currency to the City.

    Do I need a Working With Children's Check?

    If working with children, presenters must provide a copy of their Working with Children check to the City.

    Are there any feedback requirements?

    All presenters will be asked to gather feedback on the City’s online feedback system (a range of feedback forms to suit will be designed). 

    This will include asking participants to complete a paper form, or survey on their mobile device, or providing them with one of the centre’s laptops or devices on which to include their feedback. 

    This will help us to evaluate the program at the end of each year.The Sustainability Team can provide support on this process for all presenters.