What is 'Community Safety'?

    For the purpose of this survey, community safety is about creating a safe, secure and connected environment and recognising the need for all sections of the community to work holistically to achieve this. 

    A high level of community safety enables all residents, businesses, workers & visitors within the City of Canning to pursue all aspects of life without fear or hindrance from crime or the impact of crime.

    What role does local government play in community safety?

    Being the lowest tier of government to individual communities, local government plays a crucial role in developing, leading and contributing to targeted community safety strategies at a localised level, as well as responding to suburb specific community safety priorities. 

    Given the broad range of functions carried out by local governments, they are best equipped to encourage a holistic approach to and delivery of community safety outcomes.

    Why do we need a Safe Canning Plan?


    Why do we need a Safe Canning Plan 2021-2025 and how will it be used?

    The Safe Canning Plan 2021-2025 ('The Plan') demonstrates the City's vision and continued commitment to community safety initiatives within Canning. 

    The Plan provides a framework to address key local community safety priorities, actions and responsibilities over a four year period and aims to:

    • Draw together information about existing programs and services, as well as proposals for future undertakings. 
    • Enable Council to make informed decisions about community safety priorities. 
    • Build on the body of work done to date and draw on the capacity of prospective partners in relation to the efficient and effective use of available resources. 
    • Provide evidence that will support the sourcing of alternate funding as it becomes available. 

    The four focus areas will remain, each addressing a fundamental area of outcomes:

    1. Community Awareness and Education: Raising community safety awareness through education and communication strategies
    2. City Services: Providing efficient and professional services that make our City a safe and healthy community in which to live and work
    3. Community Partnerships: Building, facilitating and strengthening partnerships with government agencies and the local community to deliver community safety outcomes
    4. Safe Places and Spaces: Designing out crime in the planning, design and management of places and spaces within the City

    Safe Canning; who are we?

    The City’s Safe Canning team is comprised of the Ranger & Community Safety Services (RCSS) and the Safe Communities team.

    Ranger and Community Safety Service (RCSS)

    The RCSS has provided peace of mind to residents for over 20 years. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to discourage anti-social behaviour in our community and provide assistance with relevant legislation and local law matters, including but not limited to;

    • Conduct community patrols in clearly marked vehicles
    • Observe, monitor and report suspicious behaviours to Police
    • Patrol 'hot-spot' areas to deter anti-social or criminal behaviour
    • Provide a holiday watch patrol service for resident's properties while they are away, at no extra cost
    • Provide advice and information on community safety and security
    • Detect and report graffiti and vandalism
    • Enforce relevant legislation and local laws applicable to the control of animals, parking, litter, abandoned vehicles and off road vehicles

    RCSS service are contactable at all hours on 1300 422 664 or visit the City's website for more information. 

    Safe Communities

    The Safe Communities team are responsible for the implementation and delivery of the Safe Canning Plans' key actions. 

    The team work in partnership with RCSS and key stakeholders such as WA Police, to embed community safety throughout the City by means of targeted education programs, resources, projects and strategies. 

    Where and when can I chat to the Safe Canning team during Community Safety Month?

    The team will be out an about all month and are always ready to chat. Check out our next pop-up engagement below or give us a call on 1300 422 664.