What is a Structure Plan?

    A structure plan is a document that provides a guidance framework for the coordinated provision and arrangement of future land use, subdivision and development. It brings together transport networks, public open space, utility and service networks, urban water management, development standards and community and other infrastructure investment.

    Why was the draft Structure Plan developed?

    The Canning City Centre is of strategic metropolitan importance and is well placed within this context. It is just minutes from the Perth CBD, highly accessible by bus and train, a walk away from the Canning River and close to the hills and airport. However these key strengths and opportunities have not been fully realised.

    The broad scope of the urban regeneration strategy, including the structure plan is to renew the City Centre and realise its potential as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre in Perth that is vibrant and offers a range of activities and options.

    How was the draft Structure Plan developed?

    The Canning City Centre project was developed in two phases.

     Phase 1 Understanding of Canning City Centre

    This phase provided foundational knowledge and understanding of this unique centre with: 

    • Land use study and user group surveys
    • Economic profile of the City Centre
    • Real estate performance in terms of growth, land values and rental performance
    • Infrastructure investigations
    • An analysis of movements to and within the city centre for all types of transport
    • A review of the urban form in terms of the identity of the place, the development of the built form and the public domain.

     Phase 2 Strategy and Planning

    Information from phase 1 was used to develop the urban regeneration strategy, including the Structure Plan. The City Centre sits within a larger national and global context with current and future challenges of climate change, limited water and energy resources, an increased population and its diversity and declining affordability. The urban regeneration strategy seeks to begin to address these issues and build a city centre that meets these challenges and takes advantage of its unique opportunities.

    Along with the City, the Project Team was:

    • Urbanism - Project Management
    • Hames Sharley - Structure Plan and Urban Design
    • Pracsys and Placematch - Economic Planning  
    • Aurecon - Transport Planning
    • Blackwell and Associates - Landscape Architecture
    • Essential Environmental -  Environmental


    Local residents, users, business owners, staff and key government agencies were engaged through surveys, online engagement and workshops throughout the development of urban regeneration strategy, including the structure plan.

    How will my property be affected by the Structure Plan proposals?

    Please contact the City of Canning's Planning Services department for further information.

    What happens after the comment period?

    All comments received will be carefully considered in the finalisation of the Structure Plan.  The City will keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision.

    When finalised, the Structure Plan will go to Council for adoption. Upon formal adoption the new structure plan will replace previous structure planning for the city centre area.